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Era of Peace is a catholic site from Malta. The Era of Peace is promised by Our Lady, in various messages, locutions and apparitions, as well as by Jesus Christ Himself in the Bible. The purpose of the site is not to make you fear something, or to offend somebody. I'm talking about beliefs, the beliefs of the Catholic Church. When Jesus comes back, it won't be for a nice "era of pace" of a thousand years like some say. It will be for the Last Judgement! Some ask are we in the end-times? Please read the messages of Our Lady for an answer. Be prepared, as when it's time to die, it's the end of the world for you of course. Before Jesus returns in His Second Coming, a purification (e.g The Warning) is necessary, and Our Lady and the Pope have spoken about this. For example:
Pope John Paul II (Gen. Aud., 4th August 1999):

For those who are open to God, but in an imperfect way, the road towards the full beatitude requires a purification, which the faith of the Church illustrates through the doctrine of “Purgatory” (cfr Cathechism of the Catholic Church, 1030-1032).

Neocatechumenal way a heresy encouraged by Rome?
The Neocatechumenal way has a 400-page book revealing the reality of their association, reserved to the catechists of the Movement and nobody else can acquire it. It became public due to an indiscretion. They say in their 'catechism' book: 'Don't tell this to anyone else.. If people knew about this, they would go away quickly...' - it's more like Freemasonry rather than anything Catholic.
How long can man flout their disobedience to the Church and to God?

On Liturgical Abuse "Jesus came to forgive sin NOT to accept it!"

Adoremus Bulletin Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy Vol. III, No. 1: March 1997


"For I have given you an example, that you also should do" By Father Jerry Pokorsky

On Holy Thursday, in parishes throughout the United States, twelve men and women will assemble in the sanctuaries during the Mass of the Lord's Supper to have their feet ritually washed by a priest. Although many Catholics -- both men and women -- are disturbed by the practice of washing women's feet, probably most barely take notice. (Full Story)

Even Fasting May Be Abused - Abandonment to the Will of God is all.
Our Lady asks us to Pray, Pray, Pray updated on 21/3/01
You can now pre-order Fr Zoffoli's book at a specially reduced rate.
A neocatechumenal way catechist on the radio said 'It does not matter what you do in this life. God just wants you to go to Heaven.' showing everyone more proof of what they really believe (i.e. everybody will go to Heaven) updated on 18/3/01
A Vatican document IN FRENCH on how the Neocatechumenals did not have permission to modify the Liturgy of the Mass as they claim is available to MojoNation users at http://localhost:4004/id/eOAE3jinugrhoFbN_JT1fiVMNgc/; it is indexed using keywords including "Vatican", "letter" and "Neocatechumenals".
UPDATE: Neocatechumenal Way and the Catholic Church updated on 17/3/01
UPDATE: Ch 3 of Fr Zoffoli's book on the Neocatechumenal Heresy (also chapters 4,5,6,7)
Blunt Papal Warning to urch - Against abuses which have their origin in Kiko and Carmen's heretic "catechesis".
NEW page - Neocatechumenal Way and the Catholic Church - are they headed in the same direction?

A neocatechumenal way preacher on the radio was asked two questions:
Does the Neocatechumenal Catechism of Kiko agree with the Catholic Catechism? (It clearly does not)
Does the Neocatechumenal way say that the Eucharist is derived from the congregation? (Kiko says so in his Catechism)
The answer given was NOT that it agrees. He said the Pope and Bishop agree with them (so they would agree with their errors then), and did not say anything about the second question. Furthermore about crumbs of Consecrated Bread (Eucharist), he said it is not a problem if it falls as there is usually a carpet. Any further comments are superfluous at this point.
A link between the Neocatechumenal Way and the Opus Dei (French)
A new link between Opus Dei and Neocatechumenal Way (Spanish)
Neocatechumenals and the Freemasons - Coincidences or a Time Bomb? (Italian)

Now Kiko has influenced a US Diocese with this heretical concept and they have banned the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament! Read the news here. Please call for the reform of the Neocatechumenal movement, as it is badly needed, write to your local Bishop about these heretical concepts.
You can see how heretic Kiko's teaching is. Read more on the neocatechumenal heresies (a whole book was written on the subject, not by myself, but by Fr Zoffoli). Some antichristian comments by Neocatechumenals were received in the old guestbook. They said that for them the heretical doctrine is 'ok' since they have met with the Pope. Wow. Even communists and atheists have met with the Pope and it means nothing. Their insults show that they have no real answer to the heretic teachings they have spread. They seem to be fundamentalists in this respect.

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