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  Era of Peace

The following is a message which was received by an anonymous catholic locutionist in Malta. You are encouraged to print it out and give it to others. You may copy it on your site but please link back to this site, Era of Peace

A Message from our Lord to all.
Date: 7th June 1999
Jesus Said:

My Love is big enough to swallow the whole world and drench everyone in my Love that's how much I Love everyone, that's how big my Love for you all is, if only you let me shower you with my Love and graces. I Love you so much that I died for you and your sins, and some of you still don't believe in me, still don't want to hear my words that I keep telling you. My message to everyone is to convert quickly and turn to Me so that I will save you and show you the way to my Father. The time has come when everything is moving quickly, so quickly that there is little time for you to convert and soon you will find that it is too late, so listen to my words and be ready for my second coming for you will not know when this is going to happen and it might find you unprepared.

Don't take your mind off me at any time for that is the moment when evil moves in and you will be unaware of the dangers around you and you can fall in a trap. Don't let this happen to you. Always turn to Me for protection and you will be saved from the evils that surround you.

The dangers are many and without My protection it is impossible for you to survive. Keep loving Me and I will show you the way where there is light and happiness forever. This is my Kingdom where everyone is happy and enjoying my presence and that of my Father. So don't lose heart, for I am always with you all, and guiding you through all troubles of this world until the time comes for my Triumph when everything will change and peace will reign for everybody and love will find place in everyone's heart, no more wars, or hatred between men, for I will be here to reign among people of good will, people who listened to my Words and lived according to my wishes. This is My message for all, "Convert now" while you still have the time, for time is running out for everybody.

I bless everyone from Heaven, and my protection for those who seek My help, and believe in Me.

I love you all.