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Pope John Paul II on the Third Secret of Fatima
Fatima Visionaries

When Pope John Paul visited Germany in the first years of his Pontificate on one occasion (1980) he met some three hundred people. He was confronted with three questions which were:

  1. Do you agree with the receiving of the Holy Eucharist in the hand?
  2. What happened to the third secret of Fatima?
  3. What is the future of the Catholic Church?

His answers were:
  1. "No I do not agree. However my predecessors gave the hand receiving of the Holy Eucharist to some countries. I am not going to revoke the privilege."

  2. "I and the Popes before me did not reveal the third secret of Fatima because we did not want to make the people give up and say "then what is the use to continue living". Furthermore, we did not want to create a sensationalism in the news media. Regarding the third secret of Fatima every Christian should know the following: Continents will disappear beneath the oceans. Whole Nations will be destroyed from moment to moment." After some weeks of speculation in the newspapers that this could be the result of a nuclear war, Pope John Paul II said to the press to stop saying that the secret of Fatima predicts a nuclear war. "No, All that I have said in Germany is the result of natural causes."

  3. The future of the Catholic Church is the following:
    "The Church shall be greatly persecuted. Where the martyrs of the past are nothing compared with those of the future. This is the weapon (the Rosary) that the Christian must use against the terrible future. Not to stop what shall happen but, but, but perhaps to soften what is predicted to happen." From another source he was quoted as saying:
    "... the chastisements cannot be averted, it is too late... the die was cast. The chastisements can be mitigated by praying the Rosary."
    He also reiterated that he, as his predecessors, preferred to postpone the publication so as not to encourage the world power of communism to make certain moves.
    "When you read that oceans will inundate entire continents, and that millions of men will suddenly have life snatched from them in a second if you know this, there is no need to publish the secret." (quote sourced from The Times (London), Reuters

On 5/13/81, Pope John Paul II was seriously wounded. He missed two bullets aimed at his skull as he bent down to look at a medal of the Lady of Fatima worn by a young girl in the crowd. In the recuperating room he read everything he could about Fatima, and he reread the Third Secret.
On 5/13/82, Pope John Paul II publicly thanked Blessed Mother for saving his life during his visit to Fatima.

Pope John Paul II, 12/8/83:
" Precisely at the end of the second millennium, there accumulates on the horizon of all mankind enormously threatening clouds, and darkness falls upon human souls."
Pope John Paul II while recovering from his surgery due to the gun shot:
"... in these months, I have come to understand that only solution to all problems of the world, the deliverance from war, the deliverance from atheism, and from the defection from God is the conversion of Russia. The conversion of Russia is the content and meaning of the message of Fatima. Not until then will the triumph of Mary comes."

Blessed Mother to Fr. Gobbi, 1970's:
"... He ( Pope John Paul II ) is the Pope of my Secret ... and I will receive his sacrifice."

From The Thunder of Justice:
Pope John Paul II wrote in his 1987 encyclical Redemptoris Mater that Marian apparitions signify the Blessed Virgin's journey through time and space in a pilgrimage toward the Second Coming of Jesus and her final victory over Satan. This is her role now as it has been predestined from the beginning.
The Marian Movement of Priests message of October 30, 1975, spoke of Mary's tears being shed in many places to the point of blood. We have been told the significance of tears of blood: they point to the fact that the chastisement is near.

Note that we do not need specific knowledge before we can pray effectively. Always "Watch! Be on your guard" as the Lord told us that we do not know the day nor the hour of His coming.

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