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Era of Peace

Ch 4. It is Impossible to Sin - Heresies in the Neocatechumenal Way (Author: Fr Zoffoli)

The bold quoted text as usual are quotes from Kiko and Carmen's "catechesis documents" with the page numbers in brackets.

(According to Kiko)The Church, engaged in distributing the treasures of redemption to souls, in fact would be doing nothing and obtaining nothing, if it is certain that redemption presupposes sin, and if it has not been and neither will it be possible for man to sin since he cannot avoid it, as Kiko sustains.

Here are some extracts from this chapter:

In fact, according to him - most faithful disciple of Luther - "man cannot but do good because he is separated from God, because he has sinned and has remained radically powerless and incapable, to the mercy of demons. He has remained a slave of the Evil one. The Evil one is his lord. For this it useless to give advice, or to give a demanding sermon. Man cannot do good (...). You cannot obey the law; the law tells you to love, to resist evil, but you cannot: you do what the Evil one wants." (p. 130. See p. 135).

(continuing what Kiko says) ... "..He cannot avoid stealing, fighting..." Kiko is perfectly in tune with Luther, who left in writing the following: "Give your acknowledgement by accepting what you are, a fallen angel, aborted creature. Your task is to do evil, because your being is evil!" (from J. Maritain, Three Reformers, Morcelliana, 1964, p. 48).

  1. If I cannot avoid the evil that tyrannises me, not even can I do good. This means that I am not free ; and if I cannot decide for myself, I cannot be blamed for good or bad moral actions, since I am not responsible. And behold man reduced to the status of a marionette, for whom "conversion" does not make sense...
  2. Against protestantism, the Council of Trent had reasserted energetically free will ... Kiko however - as we shall see - rejects the Council of Trent,...
  3. (according to Kiko) the Saints, who made an effort to correct their own nature, to dominate their instincts, to accept and favour Grace, ... would have been presumptuous and deluded individuals...
  4. If man cannot neither do good nor avoid evil, what benefit would have been obtained from Christís Redemption...

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