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Era of Peace

Ch 5. Christ is a Model of Sanctity for No-one - Heresies in the Neocatechumenal Way (Author: Fr Zoffoli)

The bold quoted text as usual are quotes from Kiko and Carmen's "catechesis documents" with the page numbers in brackets.

The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ; who, precisely because He is its Head and Mediator, and He is the supreme Model of holiness for believers. A sublime Model, however ---- with His Grace --- all can really imitate Him according to one’s particular vocation. Kiko denies this...;but, if he were right, what ideal type of perfection would the Church have to propose to the faithful, if the Father can only like the latter if they shape themselves in the form of His Divine Son?...what can it teach the world, how can it educate souls and dare declare their sanctity, leaving on one side Christ, the only Way which leads to Life? The unique Master of truth, and much more, the Truth in Person? He commanded us to remain in Him like the branch in the vine to extract from it the vital source of grace which makes us similar to God Himself in the participation of His Beatitude.

Here are some extracts from this chapter:

All this would not be true, according to Kiko who, on this matter, presumes to turn upside down two thousand years of Christianity both preached and lived: "Jesus Christ is not at all an ideal of life. Jesus Christ did not come to give us an example or to teach us to fulfil the law" (p. 125).

Why betray the thought of the Church which so faithfully reflects the will of Christ? Only a stranger to Christ and to the Church would have expressed himself like Kiko.

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