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Era of Peace

Ch 7. The Catholic Church is Not the Only Sheepfold of Christ - Heresies in the Neocatechumenal Way (Author: Fr Zoffoli)

The bold quoted text as usual are quotes from Kiko and Carmen's "catechesis documents" with the page numbers in brackets.

If the Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church is the unique Sheepfold of Christ, the exclusive society He founded and headed by the Pope who is His Vicar and successor of Peter...; if it has been instituted to be, in the world, the privileged area of his redemptive influence for the exercise of His powers...í all are called to belong to it; for this reason - except for the cases of ignorance and thus in good faith - there is no salvation outside of the Church.

Here are some extracts from this chapter:

Kiko does not agree. And it is logical, because, denying the sacred Ordination and the ministerial priesthood, he must reject the hierarchical structure of the Church as a visible society. As a consequence, no-one is obliged to belong to it; salvation is possible even remaining outside of it. ...

According to him, "the Church is not a juridical thing..." (p. 167) "So where is the Church?"...

many Christians, who do not live according to the Holy Spirit because they are in mortal sin, do not belong to the Church?... Precisely: we are at the error of the Fraticelli condemned by John XXII (D-S 911); for whom the true Church would be only that of the "righteous" or of the "predestined ones" who live in Godís grace ...

(According to Kiko) the Church by its constitution and vocation is not missionary, against the explicit declaration of Vatican II (LG 13, 16; AG 2-3,7; NAE 2,4). On this matter, our theologian has no modesty: "the mission of the Church" is not to "put inside of it whatever is outside..." (p. 78). And again: "there are people who are not called to belong to the Church" (p. 87).

Thus (following Kiko's argument)
Jesus was deluded when he spoke of his sheepfold, in which all the sheep would have entered, to form a single flock under one single Shepherd (Jn 10,16);

Unfortunately, it looks like that Neocatechumenals would not profess themselves as Catholics, but simply as Christians, similar to all protestants.

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